Olive oil spiced and flavoured with natural spices

Italy conjures up images of family meals, refined food, good conversation and a rich flavoured olive oil. The enlightened appreciation of daily life, half way between respect for tradition and suggestive modernity. ETNIC ITALIA is ideal to season and wrap all kinds of pasta dishes, grilled vegetables, salads and appetizers in pure aromas and flavours. This flavoured oil proposal enlivens poultry dishes as well as grilled and roasted veal and pork recipes such as a porchetta.

  • > Natural spices have been used to produce this spiced olive oil.
  • > It is recommended to keep it away from heat and light.
  • > ETNIC containers have a special protection to protect the product from light.
  • > Presentation: Bottle with 200 ml (6.8 fl oz).


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Etnic oil spicy flavored flavors Italy 200ml