Owner of the web

  • His social denomination is: Jacoliva S.L.
  • His CIF: B10104800
  • His social domicile is: Avenue the Peace, 5 – 10813 Pozuelo of Zarzón (Cáceres), Spain.
  • His social activity is: Production and sale of Oil of Oliva.
  • Email: info@etnicexperience.com
  • Purpose of website: Sale of Oil of Oliva.
  • Pages of Etnicexperience: etnicexperience.com


personal Data protection

Manager of the treatment

Data of contact of the responsible: Jacoliva S.L. And email of contact info@etnicexperience.com


Your rights of data protection

How exercise your rights: Can direct a communication by writing to the social domicile of Jacoliva S.L. Or to the email address indicated in the header of this legal notice, including in both cases photocopies of his DNI or another document identificativo similar, to request the exercise of the following rights:

  • Right to request the access to the personal data: you will be able to ask to Jacoliva S.L. If this company is treating your data.
  • Right to request his rectification (in case that they are wrong).
  • Right to request the limitation of his treatment, in whose case only will be conserved by Jacoliva S.L. For the exercise or the defence of claims.
  • Right to oponerte to the treatment: Jacoliva S.L. It will leave to treat the data in the form that indicate, except that by legitimate reasons imperiosos or the exercise or the defence of possible claims have to follow treating.
  • Right to the portability of the data: in case that you want to that your data are treated by another signature, Jacoliva S.L. It will facilitate you the portability of your data to the new responsible.
  • Right to the erased of the data: and except imperative legal will erase after your confirmation.

Models, forms and more information on your rights: official Page of the Spanish Agency of Data protection

Possibility to withdraw the consent: in the case that you have awarded the consent for some specific purpose, have right to withdraw it anytime, without that this affect to the legality of the treatment based in the previous consent to his withdrawal.

How demand in front of the Authority of Control: If you consider that there is a problem with the form in that Jacoliva S.L. It is handling your data, can direct your claims to the Responsible of Security of Jacoliva S.L. (Indicated up) or to the authority of data protection that correspond, being the Spanish Agency of Data protection, the indicated in the case of Spain.


Right to the forget and access to your personal data

At all times will have right to review, recover, anonimizar and/or erase, total or partially, the data stored in the Website. Only you have to send an email to info@etnicexperience.com and request it.


Conservation of the data

Data desagregados: The data desagregados will be conserved without term of supresión.
Data of the customers of the on-line shop: The period of conservation of the personal data will vary in function of the service that the customer hire in our on-line shop. In any case, will be the necessary minimum, being able to keep until:

4 years: Law on Infringements and Sanctions in the Social order (obligations in matter of membership, high, low, cotización, payment of wages?); Arts. 66 and sig. General law Tributaria (books of accounting?);
5 years: Art. 1964 Civil Code (personal actions without special term)
6 years: Art. 30 Code of Trade (books of accounting, bills?)
10 years: Art. 25 Law of Prevention of the Bleaching of Capitals and Finance of the Terrorism.

Data of users gone up by Jacoliva S.L. To pages and profiles in social networks: Since the user offers his consent until it withdraws it.


Secret and security of the data

Jacoliva S.L. It engages in the utilisation of the data, to respect his confidentiality and to use them in accordance with the purpose of the same, as well as to give fulfillment to his obligation to save them and adapt all the measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised access, of compliance with the established in the Royal decree 1720/2007 of 21 December by which approves the Regulation of development of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, of Data protection of Personal Character.

You guarantee that the personal data facilitated through the form are truthful, remaining forced to communicate any modification of the same.

Equally, you guarantee that all the information facilitated corresponds with your real situation, that is put to the day and is exact. Besides you have to keep at all times your up to date data, being the only responsible of the inexactitud or falsity of the data facilitated and of the damages that can cause thus to Jacoliva S.L. Like titling of Etnicexperience, or to third with reason of the utilisation of said.


Brechas of security

Jacoliva S.L. It adopts measured of security reasonably adapted to detect the existence of virus, attacks of gross strength and injections of code.

Nevertheless, you have to be conscious that the measures of security of the computer systems in Internet are not entirely reliable and that, therefore Jacoliva S.L. It can not guarantee the nonexistence of virus or other elements that can produce alterations in the computer systems (software and hardware) of the User or in his electronic documents and files contained in the same.

In spite of this, to treat of guarantee the security and privacy of your personal data, Etnicexperience has of a system of surveillance of active security that informs of each activity of the users and possible brechas in the security of the data of the users. In case to detect some brecha, Jacoliva S.L. It engages to inform to the users in the time limit of 72 hours.


Which information collect of the users and for what use them

All the products and services offered in the website Etnicexperience remit to forms of contact.
Forms of comments and forms to effect registers of user, subscription to newsletter and/or requests of purchase.

This website always requires the previous consent of the users to treat his personal data with the ends indicated. Have right to revoke your previous consent anytime.


Register of activities of treatment of the data

Web and hosting: Etnicexperience has an enciphered SSL TLS v.1.2 that allows the safe sending of personal data through forms of contact of standard type, lodged in the servers that Jacoliva S.L. It has hired to 1&1.

Data collected through the web: The personal data collected will be object of treatment automated and incorporated to the corresponding files of which Jacoliva S.L. It is headline.

  • Will arrive us your IP, that will be used to check the origin of the message so as to offer you information, protection against comments SPAM and to detect possible irregularities (for example: opposite parts of the same case write in the website from the same IP), as well as relative data to his ISP.
  • Likewise, will be able to facilitate us your data to través email and other media indicated in the section of contact.

Form of comments: In the web exists the possibility that the users leave comments to the publications of the place. It exists a cookie that stores the data facilitated by the user so that it do not have to go back to enter them in each new visit and besides collect internally the direction of email, name, web and the direction IP.

The data are stored in the servers of 1&1 Internet Spain, S.L.Or. .

Register of users: do not admit except request expresses.

Form of purchase: To access to the products and services offered in our on-line shop, the user has of a form of subject purchase to the conditions of contracting specified in our commercial politics and conditions of contracting where will require him data of contact and of payment.

The data are stored in the servers of 1&1 Internet Spain, S.L.Or.

Recopilamos Information on you during the process of payment in our shop. This information can include, and no only this, your name, direction, email, telephone, details of payment and other necessary to be able to process your requests. The management of these data allows us:

Send you important information of your account/asked/service.
Answer to your requests, complaints and applications of repayment.
Process payments and avoid fraudulent transactions.
Configure and administer your account, give you technical service and of customer, and verify your identity.
Incidentally, can that also recopilemos the following information:

Location and data of traffic (included the direction IP and the browser) if you do a request, or if we need to estimate taxes and costs of sending based in your location.
Pages of product visited and content visualised while your session is active.
Your comments and reviews of products if you choose to leave them .
Direction of sending if you ask costs of sending ants to do the shopping while your session is active.
Essential cookies to do the follow-up of the contents of your carrito while your session is active.
Post and password of your account to allow you access to your account, if have one.
If you believe an account save your name, direction and telephone, to use them in your futures asked.

Email: Our prestador of services of email is 1&1 Internet Spain, S.L.Or..

Instantaneous mail: Jacoliva S.L. It does not loan service through instantaneous mail as, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Line.

Prestadores Of services of payment: Through Etnicexperience, can access, by means of links, to websites of third, like PayPal, to realise payments of the services loaned by Jacoliva S.L.. In any moment the personnel of Jacoliva S.L. Has access to the banking data (for example, the number of charge card) that facilitate to said third.


Embedded content from other websites

The articles of Etnicexperience can include content incrustado (p.ej. Videos, images, articles, etc.). The content incrustado from other webs comports of the same way that if the visitor has visited the another web. These webs can recopilar data on you, use cookies, incrustar follow-up of third, and watch your interaction with the content incrustado, included the follow-up of your interaction with the content incrustado if have an account or are connected to this web.

Other services: Some services loaned through the website Etnicexperience can contain particular conditions with specific forecasts in matter of personal data protection. It does indispensable his reading and acceptance with previous character to the application of the service that it treat .

Purpose and legitimación: The purpose of the treatment of these data will be only the one to loan you the information or services that request us.


social Networks

Witnesses in networks: Jacoliva S.L. It has profiles in some of the main social networks of Internet.

Purpose and legitimación: The treatment that Jacoliva S.L. It will carry out with the data inside each one of the referred networks will be, at most, the one who the social network allow to the corporate profiles. Like this then , Jacoliva S.L. It will be able to inform, when the law do not forbid it, to his followers by any road that the social network allow on his activities, reports, offers, as well as loan personalised service of attention to the customer.

Extraction of data: In no case Jacoliva S.L. It will extract data of the social networks, unless it obtained punctual and on purpose the consent of the user for this.

Right: When, because of the own nature of the social networks, the effective exercise of the rights of data protection of the follower remain supeditado to the modification of the personal profile of east, Jacoliva S.L. It will help you and it will advise to such end in the measure of his possibilities.


Attendants of the treatment out of the EU

Storage and enciphered. Jacoliva S.L. It uses services of storage enciphered of Google Inc through Google Drive.

Email. The service of email of Jacoliva S.L. It loans using the services of 1&1 Internet Spain, S.L.Or..

Social networks. Jacoliva S.L. It does use of the social networks Americans YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, to the one who realises an international transfer of data, of analytical type and technicians in relation with the website being in his servers in which Jacoliva S.L. It treats the data that, through them, the users, subscribers or navegantes deliver to the signature Jacoliva S.L. Or they share with this.

Prestadores Of payment. So that you can pay through PayPal, Jacoliva S.L. It will send the strictly necessary data of those to these processors of payment for the broadcast of the corresponding application of payment. Your information is protected of agreement to our privacy policy and cookies.

When activating a subscription or facilitate your data of payment, comprise and accept our privacy policy and cookies. Always you will have right to the access, rectification, supresión, limitation, portability and forget of your data.

From the moment in that you register you like user in this web, Jacoliva S.L. Has access to: Name of user and email, direction IP, postal address, DNI/CIF and data of payment. Anyway Jacoliva S.L. It reserves the right to modify, anytime and without need of previous warning, but informing, the presentation and configuration of the website Etnicexperience like the present legal notice.


Commitments and obligations with our users

The access and/or use of Etnicexperience attributes to the one who realises it the condition of user, accepting, from this same moment, fully and without reservation any, the present legal notice in relation with determinate services and contents of Etnicexperience.

In the utilisation of Etnicexperience the user engages to not carrying out any behaviour that could damage the image, the interests and the rights of Jacoliva S.L. Or of third or that it could damage, disable or overload the portal Etnicexperience or that prevented, anyway, the normal utilisation of Etnicexperience.


legal Responsibility by the content

Etnicexperience contains texts elaborated with ends merely informative or informative that they can not reflecting the current state of the legislation or the jurisprudence and that refer to general situations by what his content can not be applied never by the user to concrete cases.

The opinions poured in the same do not reflect necessarily the punto of Jacoliva S.L..

The content of the articles published in Etnicexperience can not be considered, in no case, substitutive of legal advice.

The user does not have to act on the base of the information contained in Etnicexperience without resorting previously to the corresponding professional advice.


Intellectual property rights and industrial

By means of these General Conditions does not yield any intellectual property right or industrial on the portal Etnicexperience neither on any of his integral elements, remaining on purpose forbidden to the User the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, put to disposal of the public, extraction, reuse, reenvío or the utilisation of any nature, by any half or procedure, of any one of them, save in the cases in that it was legally allowed or was authorised by the headline of the corresponding rights.

The user knows and accepts that the whole of the website, containing without exhaustive character the text, the images, the designs, software, contents (including structure, selection, ordination and presentation of the same), audiovisual material and charts, is protected by marks, rights of author and other legitimate rights registered, in accordance with the international treaties in which Spain is part and other rights of property and laws of Spain.

In the case that an user or a third consider that it has produced a rape of his legitimate intellectual property rights by the introduction of a determinate content in Etnicexperience, will have to notify said circumstance to Jacoliva S.L. Indicating:

  • personal Data of the interested title of the rights supposedly infringidos, or indicate the representation with which acts in case that the claim the present a third distinct of the interested.

Signal the contents protected by the intellectual property rights and his location in Etnicexperience, the accreditation of the distinguished intellectual property rights and statement expresses in which the interested holds responsible of the veracity of the informations facilitated in the notification.


Rule and resolution of conflicts

The present instructions for use of Etnicexperience govern in all and each one of his extremes by the Spanish law. The language of editorial and interpretation of this legal notice is the Spanish.

This legal notice will not file individually for each user but it will remain accessible by means of Internet in Etnicexperience.

The users can subject to the Referee’s System of Consumption of the that Jacoliva S.L. It will form part to resolve any controversy or derivative claim of the present text or of any activity of Jacoliva S.L., except to solve those conflicts that bring cause of the development of an activity that require colegiación, in whose case the user will have to direct to the corresponding organ of the school of timely lawyers.

The users that have the condition of consumers or satisfied users defines them the Spanish rule and reside in the European Union, if they have had a problem with an on-line purchase realised to Jacoliva S.L., to treat to arrive to an agreement extrajudicial can attend to the Platform of Resolution of Litigios on line, created by the European Union and developed by the European Commission to the protect of the Regulation (EU) 524/2013.

Whenever the user was not consumer or user, and when there is not a norm that force to another thing, the parts agree to subject to the Courts and Courts of Tortosa, for being east the place of celebration of the agreement, with renunciation expresses to any another jurisdiction that could correspond them.


What expect of the users

The access and/or use of Etnicexperience to the one who realises it the condition of User, accepting, from this same moment, fully and without reservation any, the present legal notice, as well as the particular conditions that, in his case, complement it, in relation with determinate services and contents of Etnicexperience.

The user remains informed, and accepts, that the access to Etnicexperience does not suppose, in way any, the start of a commercial relation with Jacoliva S.L.. Of this form, the user engages to use the website, his services and contents without contravening the valid legislation, the good faith and the public order.

It remains forbidden the use of the web with illicit or harmful ends, or that, anyway, can cause damage or prevent the normal operation of the website. Concerning the contents of this website, forbids:

  • His reproduction, distribution or modification, total or partial, unless it have the permission of his legitimate headlines.
  • Any violation of the rights of the prestador or of the legitimate headlines.
  • His utilisation for commercial or advertising ends.


External Links

The pages of the website Etnicexperience provide links to other own websites and contents that are property of third the one of manufacturers or providers.

The only object of the links is to provide to the User the possibility to access to said links and know our products, although Jacoliva S.L. It does not hold responsible in no case of the results that can derive to the user by access to said links.

The user that propose establish any technical device of link from his website to the portal Etnicexperience will have to obtain the previous permission and written of Jacoliva S.L..

The establishment of the link does not involve in no case the existence of relations between Jacoliva S.L. And the owner of the place in which it establish the link, neither the acceptance or approval by part of Jacoliva S.L. Of his contents or services.



The function of remarketing or of similar audiences of AdWords allow us arrive to the people that have visited our website previously and help them to complete his available process.

Like user, when you go in in our web, will install you a cookie of remarketing (can be of Google Adwords, of Criteo or of other services that offer remarketing).

  • This cookie stores information of the visitor, as for example the products that has visited or if it has abandoned the shopping trolley.
  • When the visitor abandons our web, the cookie of remarketing is still in his browser.


Other instructions for use of this sito web

The user engages to do a diligent use of the website and of the accessible services from the same, with total subjection to the Law, to the good habits and to the present legal notice.

Likewise, it engages , except previous permission, expresses and written of Jacoliva S.L. To use the information contained in the website, exclusively for his information, not being able to realise neither direct neither indirectly a commercial exploitation of the contents to which has access.

It will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by means of a sending of an email to the direction info@etnicexperience.com.

This place, the commands associated and the property of the content belong to Jacoliva S.L., CIF B10104800, with domicile in Avenue the Peace, 5 – 10813 Pozuelo of Zarzón (Cáceres), Spain.

This website contains hyperlinks that drive to other web pages managed by third extraneous to our organisation. Jacoliva S.L. It does not guarantee neither it does manager of the content that collect in said paginas web.

Except permission expresses, previous and by writing of Jacoliva S.L., it remains terminantemente forbidden the reproduction, except for private use, the transformation, and in general any another forms of exploitation, by any procedure, of everything or part of the contents of this website.

It remains terminantemente forbidden realise, without the previous consent of Jacoliva S.L. Any manipulation or alteration of this website.

Consistently, Jacoliva S.L. It will assume any derivative responsibility, or that it could derive, of said alteration or manipulation by third.


Exercise of right ARCH

will be able to exercise, concerning the data collected, the rights recognised in the Organic Law 15/1999, of access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition.

Thus I inform you that you will be able to exert said rights by means of application written and signed that it will be able to send, together with photocopy of your DNI or document identificativos equivalent, to the postal domicile of Jacoliva S.L., CIF B10104800, in Avenue the Peace, 5 – 10813 Pozuelo of Zarzón (Cáceres), Spain or by email, attached photocopy of DNI to: info@etnicexperience.com.

Before the 10 days will answer to your application to confirm you the execution of the right that have requested to exert.


Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

Jacoliva S.L. It does not award any guarantee neither does responsible, in no case, of the damages and damages of any nature that could bring cause of:

  • The fault of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the web or of his services and contents;
  • The existence of virus, wanton or harmful programs in the contents;
  • The illicit use, negligente, fraudulent or contrary to this Legal notice;
  • The fault of legality, quality, reliability, utility and availability of the services loaned by third and places to disposal of the users in the website.

Jacoliva S.L. It does not do manager on no account of the damages that could dimanar of the illegal or undue use of the present website.


European Platform of resolution of litigios on line

The European Commission facilitates a platform of resolution of litigios on line that it finds available in the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. The consumers will be able to subject his claims through the platform of resolution of litigios on line


applicable Law and jurisdiction

With general character the relations between Jacoliva S.L. With the users of his telematic services, presents in this website, find subjected to the legislation and Spanish jurisdiction.


Always will be traceable: Our contact

In case that any user had some doubt about these legal conditions or any comment on the portal Etnicexperience, please head to you info@etnicexperience.com or uses the form of available contact in the website.

Our privacy policy describes as we collect, save or use the information that collect through the different services or available pages in this place.

It is important that understand which information collect and how use it since the access to this place involves the acceptance our privacy policy.


Acceptance and consent

The user declares to have been informed of the conditions on data protection of personal character, accepting and consenting the treatment of the same by part of Jacoliva S.L., in the form and for the purposes indicated in the present privacy policy.


commercial Posts

In accordance with the valid legislation, Jacoliva S.L. It does not realise practices of SPAM, by what does not send commercial posts by electronic road that have not been previously requested or authorised by the user.

In consequence, in each one of the forms habidos in Etnicexperience, the User has the possibility to give his consent express to receive ours Newsletter/bulletin, with independence of the commercial information on time requested.